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Planning your family is an integral part of life. As you journey through your reproductive years, you want to be able to rely on an experienced, compassionate physician. Dr. Essam Taymour offers comprehensive obstetrics and family planning services at Gynecology and Obstetrics Medical Group in Long Beach, California, ensuring a healthy pregnancy and a positive family-planning experience. Book an appointment online today.

Obstetrics and Family Planning Q & A

What is obstetrics?

Obstetrics is a medical specialty focusing on the caring for pregnant women and unborn babies. An obstetrician offers prenatal care for the mother and baby’s health and ensures a safe labor and delivery. They also provide short-term care immediately following childbirth.

An obstetrician is also specially trained in complications that happen during pregnancy and delivery, including fetal distress, preeclampsia, high blood pressure, and ectopic pregnancies. Obstetricians care for women with high-risk pregnancies, including those over 35 or those who have preexisting health conditions.

Dr. Taymour provides comprehensive obstetric services, caring for a woman through all phases of her pregnancy. Routine visits throughout the pregnancy are necessary for a healthy, full-term pregnancy.

You should schedule visits every month to monitor yours and the baby’s health. As the due date approaches, Dr. Taymour may suggest weekly visits leading up to labor and delivery.

What is family planning?

A common misconception surrounding family planning is that the practice deals solely with birth control options. However, family planning services assist women and their partners in planning for pregnancy, dealing with infertility issues and unplanned pregnancies, and monitoring a woman’s health following a miscarriage.

Family planning consists of a variety of health services, including physical, emotional, and mental health factors. It also involves a woman’s decisions about the number of children she wishes to have and how far apart the pregnancies will be. A woman’s desire to not have children is also a factor in family planning services.

How is contraception related to family planning?

Contraception is also an essential aspect of family planning. Several safe, effective birth control options are available for preventing pregnancy, including:

  • Birth control pills
  • IUDs
  • Vaginal rings
  • Patches
  • Shots
  • Sponges
  • Implants
  • Diaphragms
  • Condoms

Permanent birth control, including tubal ligation, are also options for preventing pregnancy.  

Not all contraceptive methods are the same. Dr. Taymour reviews your medical history and discusses your family planning goals with you before recommending an effective birth control method.

If you think you may be pregnant or would like to discuss available birth control options, contact Gynecology and Obstetrics Medical Group today to schedule an appointment. You can also book an appointment online.